Houston We Have A Liftoff!

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The day she realized she could jump, our house became a lot livelier. At around 2 years of age, Nat finally discovered that jumping actually meant having both feet being lifted off the ground. Turning on the CD to Nat’s favorite songs nowadays is no longer just about singing, but it has very much to do with dancing (or jumping) as well.

How It Started

When Nat first started with the children ministry in church, she would either stand to observe, run out of the room or starts touching things around her, instead of participating in the praise and worship.

But ever since she discovered jumping, she started to appreciate music and dancing a whole lot more. Now a days when we are both at home, she would request for songs she learned from church and dance to the music whenever I played them.

Understanding Of Our Body Parts

I learnt from her main teacher at Gymnademics that the reason why Nat was not responsive to movement type of activities in the past was because she was not fully aware of her body parts (knee, shoulder, elbow..etc) and how it relates to body movements.  That resulted in a lack of confidence in her to try out new things. It was also the main reason for her constantly running away from action based activities in class.

Growing In Confidence

When we are at home, I would explore different approaches to help her understand her body parts. I would also explore different action based activities to encourage her to practice what she learnt in class. It took a while, but eventually I started seeing Nat responding more and more in class, as she started having more awareness of her body parts. I brought her more often to the playground during that season and encouraged her to try out obstacles there. I did many different crazy stuffs related to body movements with Nat at home as well. That also helped her to be more confident to do it in class.

With each small steps she took in trying out new movements, the more confident she became.

Houston We Have A Liftoff!

Two Sundays ago, I watched as Nat ran excitedly into the room dancing and jumping all by herself  while the teachers were rehearsing the songs before service started. This was the first time she behaved in this manner when she arrives in church. You could not imagine how glad I was to see her responding so positively when praise and worship started. She was even found in the front row totally immersed in a world of her own.

From being one who seems to lack confidence, to a little girl that is glowing with such confidence. It’s a testimony of what perseverance and belief can do. I’m happy because those effort in helping her paid off, I’m even happier because I see a happy little girl dancing and laughing right in front of me.

My Reflection

  • Never give up when your child seems to be disinterest in a subject matter, it’s most likely because their brain are not ready due to the lack of awareness or understanding in that matter.
  • Never give up teaching them, key is to make their learning fun. Keep encouraging them without pressurizing them. Let them enjoy and learn at their own pace.
  • When their brains are ready, they will naturally fly, or I should say lift off !
  • Bonding with them is more fun than trying too hard to teach them.

A Beautiful Testimony

I had to take video of  that Sunday’s service. It’s a testimony and reminder to keep believing in Nat.

It was the first time Nat heard this song and she just lifted off! Her actions might seem normal to others but to me, it meant a lot because I saw how she first started out. We have come a long way.

Nat got so excited, she wanted to take off her shoes so that she could dance more freely I supposed. It was really funny to watched

The last song is always a worship song. This was a very emotional moment for me, to see her raising her hands, closing her eyes at certain points and swaying freely to the rythem of this beautiful song.

It so happens that I’m writing this post on a Good Friday. I suppose It’s a good day to be writing  this as we remind ourselves of what this day really means other than a public holiday.

You gave

Lord I want to be pleasing to You
In everything I do
And I want to love You more
More than yesterday
More than words can say

Cause You gave your life
You lived and died
For me, for me
You paid the price
You sacrificed
For me, for me

And now the least that I can do
Is live my life for You

Nat might not fully understand what it means to worship God at this point (or maybe she does), but this last video gives me a glimpse of her future. Above all things, my wish and desire is for Nat to know her maker and grow up worshiping  Him as freely as that very Sunday, without any restrain or self consciousness. To worship Him like what the bible teaches – in spirit and in truth.


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