Bonding in the kitchen

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Its been awhile since my last update but I’m going to try blogging again. (hopefully)

Nat has turned two. I came across this quote recently which have changed my outlook with regards to teaching Nat at home.

Where skills are taught in isolation from the need to use them, there is a risk that balance can be lost and that the growth of independent and creative thinkers is limited. Learning opportunities must be meaningful and motivating to children.

I got to know this concept from Nat’s teacher and it has motivated me to do more practical stuff with Nat. Something that is both fun and educational for her. But most importantly, its about BONDING. At the end of every lesson, I hope that it will be something in which Nat would remember and cherish, and something that would bond our relationship.

Kitchen Appliances

This week’s theme is on Kitchen Appliances. And I’m really excited with the practical sessions I’m doing with Nat. We are doing cooking!

Day 1: I first showed Nat pictures of different appliances found in the kitchen. Next came the exciting part. I told Nat that we are going shopping! We were going to shop for some of the utensils she was introduced to. And for practical, I told her that we will be making something special for our breakfast tomorrow with things that we will be buying. Nat was so excited when she knew we were going shopping.


Introducing our breakfast menu to Nat. When she saw the picture, she said: “Wah so nice”..:)


Our list of utensils to buy later


And off we go!



Nat gets to select her favorite colors for the different items.

Nat would usually just tag along in her pram when we make our trips to the supermarket for our groceries. But it was a different experience for Nat today because she was very much involved in the decision making during shopping. She gets to choose her favorite colors for the different items written in our list. Once we have found them, I would get her to identify the items in our list to strike them off.

When Nat grows older, I hope that this sort of experience will create happy memories for her each time she enters a supermarket. Who knows, when she goes to school and is being asked to write about her most happy moments, it would be “Going shopping with my pa pa”.

Hope that breakfast will taste good tomorrow 🙂


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