red-black ink

Corel Painter, Ink and Water Color

Something very different from my usual style. This one was meant to be dark so as to bring out the meaning of the title. Concept was derived from the famous story “The Little Red Riding Hood”. Here you have Little Red Riding Hood wandering in her own world, unaware of the ill intention of the wolf. A seemingly harmless looking wolf, but behind his back lies it’s real intention.


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I had the privilege of working with an educator for her phonics series. It’s always exciting to be able to work on illustration projects, particularly for young children. The outline drawings was done using Adobe Illustrator brushes.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

An illustrated story based on the nursery rhymes "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

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  • twinkle-story-03
  • twinkle-story-04
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  • twinkle-story-06

This is an illustrated version of a well known nursery rhymes “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Natalie has always been captivated by the shapes of stars. And this is how this idea came about.

I made a personalized story book based on Natalie’s adventure with Little Twinkle, a book intended to create interest in her reading journey.

Ever thought of creating your own story book that is unique to your child? Or even as a special gift for someone else? Click here to find out more.


Magic Ingredients

A project for MCYS, in conjunction with their MCYS Volunteer Awards 2010 event.

Magic Ingredients from papachew on Vimeo.

Volunteering is like the fine art of cooking. A pinch of patience here, a dash of kindness there. All to create that perfect “dish” that will make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes the results are wonderful, sometimes not so much. But whatever the case, we can always count on our volunteers to get back on their feet and back in the action. For that we thank you. You are our Magic Ingredient.

– MCYS Volunteer Awards 2010

Holding Hands

An animation dedication to my wife...

Holding Hands from papachew on Vimeo.

This animation was done as a surprise gift to my wife, when she walked down that aisle on our wedding day. It’s my depiction of our journey from our friendship to courtship and into our married life. Its also a reminder for us of the solemn vow we made to each other. In sickness and in health, for better and for worse, till death do us part…we will keep on holding each other’s hands.